About Us

Our story began in 1998 under the direction of Virginia Sosa.  She was a passionate woman who had an immense love for the Polynesian culture.  She started teaching at the recreation center with the city of Chino Hills and held the very first practices in her own home.  She always welcomed everyone into her home without hesitation.  The dance group became part of her family.

Her classes at the rec center began to flourish. She brought in a good friend, Jamie Robinett, to help teach the Hula portion of the classes.  Once they established set routines, they began performing for outside events such as parties, company picnics, etc. For years, she worked tirelessly putting on annual recitals and booking shows throughout the year while also maintaining her full-time job as an insurance agent.

Unfortunately, things changed dramatically when she was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2012.  She fought endlessly to bring herself back to health after chemo therapy, but her body just wasn’t the same.  Her husband, Roger, helped maintain the group along with close friends, Ashley Baldon and Jeff Famatid, until her very last days. She passed away in July 2016 after 4 years of battling the cancer. At her funeral, many of her students/dancers shared of her amazing personality and undying love for dance! It was apparent in her bright, bubbly attitude that dance wasn’t just something she enjoyed doing, she lived in hopes of instilling that same passion in others.

Upon witnessing the powerful affect she had on so many people, her son, Edward Sosa, was inspired to continue the legacy his mom started. He decided, along with his family, to take over the dance group and continue the dance classes with the recreation center in Chino, CA. Although it isn’t the same and will never be the same without her, we are committed to spreading that same love for the Polynesian culture she managed to instill in every person who took one of her classes.